Custom Industrial Engraving

Custom Industrial Engraving

Stand Out with Your Custom Brand or Design

Looking for a unique way to show off your brand? Or need industrial signage to adhere to regulations? Get in touch with us today at Icon Engraving for your next project.


Fully Customisable To Your Design

Our Engraving Services

Industrial Engraving & Signage

Industrial engraved signage caters to diverse business needs. From machinery labels to critical safety signs, we ensure clarity and longevity.

 Yeti’s & Eski’s

Personalise your Yeti or cooler with your name, logo or customised design. Whether it’s unit or multiple in a single order, our engravers ensure all of your requirements are met.

Defence Asset Engraving

Entrusted by the defense sector, our engraving services provide clear identification and traceability for assets. With precise detail, we uphold the highest standards and quality.

Cable Tags

Trust Icon with your electrical cable tags and core markers. Ideal for bulk identification, our tags ensure clear marking and tracability for complex cabiling applications.

Custom Engraving

Unleash your creativity. Whether it’s a unique image, a business logo, or a personal design, our custom engraving ensures your vision is etched to perfection on your item of choice.

Choose Your

Laser Engraving Material


Laser engraving on metals results in precise, durable markings, often used for serial numbers, barcodes, and intricate designs. Common metals include stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The process creates high-contrast marks without using inks or tool bits, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.


Different plastics have unique reactions to laser engraving. While some produce a clear, smooth finish, others can change color when engraved. The process is ideal for creating detailed graphics, texts, and other complex designs on plastic items, from signage to components.


Engraving on wood offers a rich, textured result. Depending on the wood type (like maple, cherry, or walnut), laser engraving can produce different shades and depths, making it a favorite for artistic and decorative pieces, as well as functional items like wooden labels or plaques.


Laser engraving on leather provides a burnt, etched appearance, ideal for customizing wallets, belts, and other accessories. The process is precise, ensuring detailed graphics and texts are clearly visible, but the finish can vary based on the leather’s type and treatment.


Acrylic, especially cast acrylic, engraves with a frosty, white finish, making it ideal for signage, awards, and decorative pieces. The process ensures sharp edges and high-detail outcomes, providing a polished and professional appearance.

And Many More...

Can’t find the material you want laser engraved? Our friendly team constantly experiments with laser engraving on new materials with different finishes. Get in touch today to see if we can help!

Icon Engraving

Industrial Engraving So Good That We Use Ourselves

At the heart of Icon Engraving is a story of innovation and adaptability.

Icon Engraving began with our thriving partner Select Switchboards. In the thick of production, we found ourselves relying heavily on industrial signage – a crucial component ensuring quality and clarity in our products.

Rather than being bound by the constraints of external sourcing and lead times, we saw an opportunity. Why not leverage expertise in manufacturing to address this gap? 

Today, Icon Engraving stands as a testament to our proactive approach. We not only serve our switchboard manufacturing wing with swift, cost-effective engraving solutions but also offer these top-tier services to a broader clientele. From industrial signage to intricate labels, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled precision and quality.

How to customise your engraving?

Submit Your Design & Material

Submit your design via email in a high-quality file format. Our expert designers will review it, ensuring it’s optimised for the engraving process and will reach out with a drawing for approval or any necessary adjustments.

The Engraving Process

Our team prepares your items and uses our in-house advanced laser engraver to first quality test your design before we complete the final product.

Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

After a thorough quality check, you’ll be notified that your engraved item is ready for collection. Visit us at our premises in Winnellie, Darwin. Or if you prefer, we can send them directly to you anywhere in Australia! 

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