Custom Industrial Engraving & Cutting

Custom Industrial Engraving & Cutting

Laser engraving of Surge Diverter sign for switchboard.

Stand Out with Your Custom Brand or Design

Looking for a unique way to show off your brand? Or need industrial signage to adhere to regulations? Get in touch with us today at Icon Engraving for your next project.

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Our Services

Industrial Laser Engraving

We specialise in custom laser engraving for industrial applications, offering a range of services including signage, cable tags, defense asset tags, and more. Our precise techniques ensure high-quality engravings on various materials like metals, plastics, woods, and acrylics, meeting industry standards. From design submission to final delivery, we provide fast, reliable service for all your industrial engraving needs.

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Commercial Laser Engraving

Our comprehensive commercial laser engraving services help you to promote your business, sports team or brand. From custom engraving on Yeti’s & Eski’s, corporate materials, and awards to personalising apparel, tech gadgets, and home products, our precise engraving brings your ideas to life. Specialising in various materials, our experienced team ensures top-quality results.

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Laser Cutting

Precise industrial and commercial laser cutting services utilising advanced technology. We accurately cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, and more, perfect for intricate designs and precise components. Get in touch for expert laser cutting solutions.

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Danger signage using Chemical Etching supplied by Icon Engraving.

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching services for commercial and industrial applications, perfect for creating durable metal nameplates and signage. Create permanent, eye-catching items that can withstand harsh environments into metals like stainless steel, with a choice of vibrant paint fills.

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CNC Cutting & Engraving

Our CNC cutting and engraving services are perfect for creating intricate designs and detailed shapes on various materials from industrial-grade metals to delicate plastics. Ideal for signage and custom panels, we complete both commercial and industrial CNC services.

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Icon Engraving

Industrial Engraving And Cutting We Use Ourselves

At the heart of Icon Engraving is a story of innovation and adaptability.

Icon Engraving began with our thriving partner Select Switchboards. In the thick of production, we found ourselves relying heavily on industrial signage – a crucial component ensuring quality and clarity in our products.

Rather than being bound by the constraints of external sourcing and lead times, we saw an opportunity. Why not leverage expertise in manufacturing to address this gap? 

Today, Icon Engraving stands as a testament to our proactive approach. We not only serve our switchboard manufacturing wing with swift, cost-effective engraving solutions but also offer these top-tier services to a broader clientele. From industrial signage to intricate labels, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled precision and quality.

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order with Icon Engraving

Submit Your Design & Material

Submit your design via email in a high-quality file format. Our expert designers will review it, ensuring it’s optimised for the engraving process and will reach out with a drawing for approval or any necessary adjustments.

The Engraving Process

Our team prepares your items and uses our in-house advanced laser engraver to first quality test your design before we complete the final product.

Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

After a thorough quality check, you’ll be notified that your engraved item is ready for collection. Visit us at our premises in Winnellie, Darwin. Or if you prefer, we can send them directly to you anywhere in Australia! 

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