Commercial Laser Engraving Services

Make a permanent statement by engraving the brand or logo of your business, organisation or sports team on a wide selection of products. At Icon Engraving, we provide you with comprehensive support from your initial idea and through the custom design process, work with Icon Engraving to make your brand stand out. Get in touch today, to find out more about how laser engraving can benefit your brand!

Laser engraving of a industrial signage and tags.

Stand Out From The crowds

Custom Commercial Laser Engraving

 Yeti’s & Eski’s

Transform your Yeti or cooler with custom commercial laser engraving. Add names, logos, or unique designs, perfect for individual flair or bulk branding. Our precision engraving ensures lasting quality for both personal and professional use.

Corporate & Promotional Materials

Elevate your brand with custom-engraved corporate gifts and promotional items. From sophisticated nameplates to elegant paperweights, our services add a touch of class to your office accessories, ideal for your employees or to impress your clients.

Name Tags & ID Badges

Create a lasting impression with custom-engraved signage and branding. From branded name tags and ID badges to bespoke wooden or metal coasters, our services provide durable, elegant solutions for your business needs.

Awards & Trophies

Reward performance and excellence with laser-engraved awards and trophies. Choose from glass, crystal, acrylic, or wood to make a statement when recognising employee milestones, business awards, sports achievements and more.

Apparel and Accessories

Personalise your business or sports apparel and accessories with our laser engraving services. Transform units like leather belts and wallets into unique, custom-branded items, perfect for the corporate world or as memorable gifts.

Industrial engraving of Select Switchboards logo on a Makita power tool battery to show ownership on work sites.

Technology & Gadgets

Be creative with your tech or gadgets and add a personal touch with our commercial engraving service. Ideal for units like laptops and smartphone cases, we offer custom designs and logos, adding an exclusive look to your devices or corporate gifts.

Home Products 

Enhance your home products with our custom engraving services at Icon Engraving. From kitchen utensils and cutting boards to coasters and decor, our services make everyday items uniquely yours and perfect for personalisation of gifting.

Jewellery & Accessories

Increase the personalisation of your jewellery and accessories with our precision laser engraving. Customise watches, bracelets, cufflinks, and more with exquisite detail, ideal for special keepsakes or distinctive branded items.

Choose Your

Laser Engraving Material


Laser engraving on metals produces precise and durable markings ideal for serial numbers, barcodes, and intricate designs. We work with common metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium to create high-contrast marks, perfect for metal trophies, office desk accessories and name tags that ensure longevity and resistance to wear.


We can laser engrave on a selection of various plastics, each with a unique response to the laser engraving process. Whether achieving a clear, smooth finish or a colour change, we can help engrave detailed designs and texts on items like name tags, ID badges, and custom plastic components.


Engraving onto wood offers a rich, textured result, and our work with different types like maple, cherry, or walnut allows for varied shades and depths of markings. Ideal for artistic pieces or functional items such as wooden plaques and branded coasters, our wood engraving services cater to both aesthetic and practical needs.


Laser engraving on leather provides a distinct burnt or etched look, perfect for personalising accessories like belts and wallets. We ensure that each piece, varying based on the leather type and treatment, showcases clear, detailed designs and texts without damaging the surrounding material.


Specialising in acrylic engraving, particularly on cast acrylic, we can produce a frosty, white finish ideal for professional signage, awards, and decorative pieces. Our process ensures sharp, detailed outcomes, providing a polished professional look.

And Many More...

Seeking a specific material that we haven’t listed for your laser engraving needs? Our team at Icon Engraving is always ready to explore new materials and finishes. Get in touch to discover how we can assist with your unique engraving project!

Icon Engraving

Commercial Laser Engraving Used By Us

Icon Engraving exists within the Renko Group and provides all of the businesses with its high-quality commercial engraving solutions.

As part of the start-up incubation or small business acceleration, building a brand and getting more eyes on your business is key to success.

This gives our Icon Engraving team a wealth of experience in creating custom designs and also mastering the laser engraving process to achieve the best results.

Whether it is personalising promotional materials to reach new audiences or going above and beyond with the personalisation of corporate gifts, commercial engraving provides a long-lasting finish that elevates your brand.

Icon’s Commercial Engraving Process

Submit Your Logo, Branding or Design

Send us an email including your logo, branding or custom design in a high-quality file format along with the type of product, and the number of units. Our design team will respond to provide you with a competitive quote, before an order confirmation.

Commercial Engraving Process

Upon receiving your order confirmation, our engraving team will complete a quality test with your design, brand or logo with a single laser engraving on your material. Once perfected, we will begin the process of completing your custom laser engraving design order.

Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Finally, we conduct an extensive quality inspection before informing you that your commercial laser engraving order is prepared for pick-up from our business location in Winnellie, or delivery straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Laser Engraving

How Do I Submit My Design for Custom Commercial Laser Engraving?

To submit your design for our custom commercial laser engraving services at Icon Engraving, simply email it to us at In this email attach your design in a high-quality file format and our designer will review your design to ensure it’s optimised for laser engraving.

We will then contact you with a design-proof for approval or suggest any necessary modifications that may be required. We never start any laser engraving order without a sign-off from you on the chosen design.

Can Icon Engraving Assist with Design Creation or Modifications?

Yes, at Icon Engraving, we’re more than happy to help modify your existing design or help you create a new design from scratch, especially for bulk orders of commercial laser engraving. Just email us at with an inquiry that includes as much detail as possible about the custom design you want to be created and a member of the Icon Engraving team will be in touch.

What Materials Can Be Engraved with Your Laser Engraver?

Our commercial laser engraving machine is highly versatile and ideal for a range of materials including metals such as stainless steel and aluminium, various plastics, a variety of woods, leather, acrylics, and more.

If you have a specific material that you would like to be engraved, please contact us at Icon Engraving. We are continually exploring new materials and engraving techniques to expand our offering and allow you to continue to expand your brand exposure.

Is a Test Engraving Available Before Finalising a Large Bulk Order?

For large bulk orders of commercial laser engravings, we offer free test engravings to demonstrate the quality of our work. If you would like to arrange a test engraving or a sample order with your brand, logo or message, please get in touch with our team at

Does Icon Engraving Comply with Industry Regulations and Standards?

Yes, Icon Engraving adheres strictly to regulatory guidelines and industry standards, particularly crucial in the diverse industries we serve. Our team ensures that all industrial engravings comply with these regulations for all engraving orders.

If you have an inquiry about a certain regulation or our commercial laser engraving services please get in touch.

Can I View Samples of Commercial Laser Engraving Completed by Icon Engraving?

Yes, simply visit us at 16 Albatross Street, Winnellie, Darwin, NT, 0820, to see examples of our commercial and industrial custom engraving work.

Our team is available for appointment bookings from Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm, and will be happy to show you our extensive portfolio.

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